Inspiring Change in the World

When I started this blog, the WordPress team sent me an email with some pointers for getting started (that blank screen can be pretty intimidating!).  But I didn’t open the email until now.  Their prompt for an initial post was this question:

“What change would you like your blog to make in the world?”

Wow!  I hadn’t really thought about it that way.  First of all, there are so many blogs out there, I can’t imagine that a ton of people will want to read ours.  Will it really make a difference in the world?  Let’s face it…this is not a food blog, and that’s about the only kind of blog I ever read (when I’m stuck for dinner ideas).

When we opened this blog, the purpose was to keep people informed of events in our lives, training milestones, eventually life on the mission field, prayer concerns (and of course lots of pictures!), etc.  This question makes me ponder, though.  Can we make a change in this world–even a very small one–through this blog?

If your life is affected at all by what you read here, I guess we’ve succeeded.  If God uses this content to inspire you to join in the work of His global purpose, that’s a change in the world!  I hope we can fulfill both purposes; we shall try to keep you informed, always striving for content that will glorify our King and affect change in the world.

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  1. You alrady are making a difference by being willing to take a huge flight out of your comfortable home area.

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