Thanks for stopping in!  We are Jared and Carol Kresge, currently serving with Ethnos360 Aviation in Asia-Pacific (well…we are currently in language study, so no flying is happening at the time being).  We have three little boys that quite literally keep us on our toes most of the time.  Our hearts are to follow Jesus wherever He leads and become a blessing to those we meet along the way.  Through missionary aviation, we seek to serve people in remote areas that would otherwise have very difficult access to towns, supplies, medical services, etc.  This is our small part in the effort to see the Name of Jesus glorified among every tribe, tongue, and nation.

You want to know about language study?  It’s hard.  Period.  In fact, please pray that God would gift our minds and tongues to understand and speak clearly so that our ministry in this country can be vital.

And lastly, a note on the name of our blog: Parts and Pieces.  “Parts” is a reference to aviation.  Countless parts, both large and small, are required to make an aircraft operate smoothly.  This is a huge portion of what Jared has spent several years studying as we have prepared for this ministry.  The word “Pieces” references the nature of a blog.  Through the stories we share on this blog, you will be getting small pieces of our life and ministry over the months and years.  Let’s begin!

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