That’s the Faith of It

Changes, changes everywhere.  Life’s just full of them!  Alaska…baby #2…all of the unknowns after that.  There are questions to go along with all the changes.  Life is never certain, is it?  Some people say that’s the fun of it, but I say that’s the faith of it.  There’s no guarantee that the unknown holds only excitement and happy endings.  God willing, we’ll find some of that along the way.  But the faith of it is to get up each morning and embrace every moment–both good and ugly–with peace.  It’s taking the next step without demanding all the answers first.

Shalom…peace…is not the absence of noise or activity.  It’s the smoothly flowing process of God’s program being accomplished God’s way.  Activity?  You betcha!  Lots of it!  And the only way we really know the peace of God is to throw ourselves into that river of activity and let God move us where He will.

May the peace of God be yours today.  That’s the faith of it.

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