Day 5: Walk with Me

Welcome to our neighborhood! We live in a bustling desa (village) near the airport just outside a fairly large coastal city. Picturesque mountains surround us and offer a beautiful view of the city if the weather permits.

This view requires a 45-minute drive from our home through narrow (and busy!) mountain streets

We have a comfortable home with a grassy yard that often floods during heavy rain. Thankfully our house has a strong foundation, and the water has never yet come high enough to cause damage.

Our home, sweet home
When your plans to play ball get foiled by the rain…
This kiddo loves people!

Gorgeous flowers and leafy plants grow effortlessly in this climate. The major task is keeping them cut back and tame.

Our home is situated in a perumahan (housing area/subdivision). Older perumahan like ours are tightly packed with very narrow streets. This doesn’t stop people from throwing parties, though. Leaving the house to go grocery shopping can sometimes take longer than expected.

When Oma next door has a birthday party, the street gets crowded

There’s a warung (food stall) on almost every street. I can send the boys on errands to buy eggs, produce, and basic pantry items if I run out during meal prep. They love the opportunity to buy a little snack for themselves at the same time.

Titus and Ivan wait for coconut at the warung
Shop owner grating fresh coconut

Christianity is the majority religion in our city. As a result, three things that make our area unique are:

  1. Pork. Lots of it.
  2. Dogs. Everywhere.
  3. Churches. With eeeearly morning worship services proclaimed over loudspeakers almost every day of the week.

Although there’s a church on every corner in our city, the need for preachers and teachers and Bible translators in the surrounding area is still great. Many people groups in central Asia-Pacific are still waiting for the Gospel and the Scriptures in their heart language. Pray for the current and upcoming generation of missionaries as they courageously carry that message to the lost. And come and visit so you can see the work for yourself. We’d love to take you for a real walk around the neighborhood!


  1. Dear Carol, I loved the tour of your neighborhood. We pray for safety for your family and for the ministry to flourish.

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