Day 4: Peace Is a Promise

If you followed our updates back in 2018, you may remember that particular year as being full of physical trials from beginning to end. I even experienced a little PTSD from the trauma of watching my kids hurt themselves over and over.

When Gabriel stepped in burning plastic in early April this year, I felt like it was starting all over again. Just a few seconds of foolishness resulted in an operation and a 4-day hospital stay.

Gabriel soaks his feet in cold water as we wait for a referral to a plastic surgeon in the city

To be honest, I had it easy; I stayed home with the three other boys while Jared accompanied Gabriel for the surgery and the entire hospital visit. Keeping a bandaged 4-year-old entertained in a hospital bed is no simple task!

Waiting for the surgeon

The plastic surgeon did a fabulous job cleaning Gabriel’s feet. (Ever wonder how often a plastic surgeon has to clean plastic off people’s skin? Our kids were convinced that plastic surgeons were made for this!)

Post-op blues

Gabriel healed swiftly and is completely back to normal now. He didn’t allow the bandages to get much in his way and started running and playing ball within a few days of coming home. Although his energy level can be exhausting, we’re thankful for his extreme zest for life.

The trauma of this event was put in its proper perspective when we received news from home of the death of a dear young cousin. We will never meet 10-year-old Silas again on this side of eternity, and the loss stings deeply. Though we know our souls to be eternal, we still struggle in mortal bodies and bear the emotional wounds of pain and sickness and death. Our hearts bleed for our precious cousins/friends who will live with the pain of separation until they are called to reunite with Silas together with the Lord. It hurts acutely not to be with them during these days of fresh sorrow, to experience together the loss of this loved one.

Titus and Silas 9 years ago when our families were next-door neighbors

When Gabriel was preparing for surgery, he declared, “Jesus is going to heal my feet!” He was certain that Jesus could and would miraculously heal his burns, and that he would wake up from the operation fully restored to good health. It didn’t happen that way, though.

Our confidence in the power of Christ is not diminished because He chose to heal Gabriel’s feet through the natural means of bodily function and self-restoration (which He designed!). Neither is our faith shattered because He chose to call home a sweet young boy at what we consider an all-too-early age. Rather, we are thrown back on the promises of Scripture, the character and attributes of God, and the solace of prayer.

We pray for protection day-to-day, but we are assured that no matter the circumstances, the peace of God will guard our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus (Phil. 4:7).


  1. We continue to pray for you and your family — particularly during this time of grief and loss; praying you will be filled to overflowing with the peace of Christ which surpasses all understanding.

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