Day 1: Catching Up

At the top of every newsletter we send out, there’s a little subline that says:

“Read more at”

With shame, I admit that for over a year there hasn’t been any “more” to read here. The problem wasn’t that life got boring. It just kept happening and kept happening and kept happening, and eventually there was so much to write about that I gave up in despair. In an effort to remedy this problem, I’m launching “7 Days of Blogging.” Barring any unpredictable hindrances, you’ll find a new post here every day for the next week. I’ll try to keep each one down to a digestible tidbit and give some variety to the topics. Who knows where we could go from there!?

But first things first. We have some catching up to do. Our last news (April 2020) was no news at all. We were stuck stateside and just trying to fit in and help where needed at Ethnos360 Aviation headquarters. It was a strange state of uneasy relaxation as we waited for visa news and waffled continually between settling in and packing up.

Enjoying the backyard trampoline in Arizona; the boys have been happy and content wherever we are.

In June last year, we found out we were expecting another baby. (It’s times like these when it’s especially evident that God is directing our path.) We wondered what country we would be in when it was time to give birth and tried to plan out the murky future.

In September we heard that new visas would not be issued until at least February 2021. We allowed ourselves to settle down, found a great midwife, and even moved next door to a better house on the Arizona base.

Three weeks later we heard that we could get a visa and leave in early November. It’s what we wanted all along, but we battled disappointment as our plans were upset once again. It was time for simple obedience: Go.

When visas are involved, things never happen early or on time. Needless to say, we didn’t leave in November. Finally, in mid-December we said goodbye to all our dear friends in Arizona and began the journey to our new home in Asia-Pacific. I was 32 weeks pregnant–a couple more days and I wouldn’t be allowed to fly the local airlines.

Upon arrival, we spent over a month working full-time on our house before we could move in.

The mess of moving
Building a wall
Drilling a well
Painting walls

Eventually we remembered that we should probably find a doctor to deliver this baby (poor, neglected fourth boy!), and through a series of mistakes and frustrations, God led us to just the right one. Two weeks after choosing a hospital, we welcomed baby Matthias (he’s wonderful, by the way).

Waiting for an appointment
Proud big brother

Where’s the airplane in all of this? Perhaps in the midst of these other details you’ve lost sight of why we came to Asia-Pacific. We are here to help advance the Gospel through flight service. There are missionaries in remote villages who depend on supply drops and transportation provided by our aircraft. There are national students who rely on the Kodiak to transport them to and from our local Bible School/Missionary Training Center. Occasionally there are medical emergencies that the aircraft can help mitigate. There are indigenous churches in hard-to-reach locations that are strengthened and encouraged by visits from missionaries and consultants. All of this we came to be a part of in the role of pilot and mechanic…and whatever else is needed.

Jared began flying right-seat one week after Matthias was born. Due to current travel restrictions, we’re still waiting on our chief pilot in Arizona to come over and do Jared’s training and check-outs on the interior airstrips. In the meantime, however, he has gained some great experience from the right seat, helped out at the hangar, passed his medical examination, and passed the two tests required to validate his American pilot’s licenses. Praise God with us!

Headed out the door for his first flight in the right seat
Brain scan during flight medical exam

With a whole lot left unsaid between the lines, this basically brings us up to date. I promise the next six days won’t just be a diary of chronological events. I’m looking forward to sharing a couple of stories in greater detail, introducing you to our neighborhood…perhaps even sharing a local recipe or two. It’s our privilege to give you a glimpse into the work God has put before us at this time.


  1. Carol
    Thanks for the update. Your blog was awesome. May God continue to bless your family. Matthias is truly a blessing to your family. Looking forward to your next blog.

  2. Thank you for the update. Looking forward to your blog posts. Matthias is precious. Blessings to you and your family. Thank you for your faithfulness.

  3. It’s always a joy to get an update! May God bless your ministry in mighty ways! Blessings to you and your beautiful family!

  4. Oh, I loved all of this, Carol Joy! Thank you for the great update and photos. Of course I want to snuggle baby Matthias! Amber and Mark are arriving from California tomorrow and we are expecting Lucy to drop in for an overnight on Sunday, on her way to see your parents ! We will miss you and the whole family at Sky’s wedding. We love you so much!! Aunt Jennie & Uncle Graydon

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