Time Out.

Unprecedented.  Unparalleled.  Unbelievable.

These buzzwords have been in our ears and on our lips over the past several weeks as the world settles in for its long-term battle against COVID-19.

“I’ve never seen anything like this in my generation!” is on the tongue of young and old alike.  This disease and its far-reaching effects have taken us all unawares.  The results of protective regulations are unsettling and uncomfortable.  Grocery shopping can feel like an apocalyptic nightmare if you go at the wrong time of day.  We feel suspicion mount toward others as symbols like masks and gloves and empty shelves remind us continually of the presence of a deadly disease in our midst.


For us personally, the pandemic has shifted our plans to return to Asia-Pacific until an unspecified time when our host government re-opens borders and once again begins processing new visas.  Our visa applications were put into motion just a couple of weeks before the borders closed, and now the process hangs in limbo until the initial wave of restrictions passes.  We estimate a possible move in mid-to-late May, but as new updates on coronavirus policies are shared almost daily, we recognize this is far from definite.  We will follow the regulations laid out by our own government as well as our host government in our plans to transition to Asia-Pacific.

In the meantime, we continue living life in Arizona.  The homeschooling routine remains the same, and we’ve managed to restock our kitchen cupboards (after trying to whittle everything down in preparation to move).  In compliance with State guidelines, Ethnos360 Aviation has shut down non-essential operations until quarantine regulations are lifted.  Jared has since been spending the extra time volunteering with some outdoor grounds work, hanging cabinets (all while maintaining proper distancing measures!) and brushing up on foreign language.


We all miss the freedom to get out and about, visit friends, go to church, etc.  However, we are so thankful for our current location and the wide-open space for our kids to continue to run and explore in the outdoors.  We’ve stayed relatively healthy through the cold/flu season, and (the BIG question) we haven’t run out of toilet paper yet!  But above all, we’re especially grateful for the peace we have through our Heavenly Father, and we grieve for those who don’t share that same assurance.

While these events have taken us all by surprise in recent months, we know One Who has not been shaken or disturbed by the novel coronavirus and its devastating effects.  He’s the same God Who designed and brought us into being, and Who formed in our bodies mechanisms of self-healing that defeat most bacteria and viruses that are stubborn enough to get past the skin barrier.  Furthermore, He’s the God Who, when our bodies fail under an unassailable barrage of illness or injury, still has the power to heal the sick, make the lame walk, and even raise the dead.  He’s the same God Who succumbed Himself to death in order to bring life through resurrection from the grave.  He’s the God who promises that though we suffer–though we die…He has an eternal plan to restore all things to perfection.  He’s the God Who invites us to be His children and know everlasting life in His presence.

As Resurrection Day approaches, we pray that you can REJOICE knowing that this same God is still sovereign over us!

“Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace.  And be thankful.” Colossians 3:15 (NIV)

To close, we’d like to share a song that touched our hearts shortly before COVID-19 exploded onto the scene, and which seems even more appropriate now.

Trust You
(Written by Aaron Keyes, performed by Shane and Shane)

Father of heavenly lights
Fount of wisdom and love
All is laid bare in your sight
You know my ways
I believe You will provide
All I need in my life
I will not fear anymore
For I will ever…

Trust You, Jesus
Trust you, Jesus
Trust you with my life

You hold the world in Your hands
God of mercy and might
Knew me before I was born
Called me by name
How could I ever respond
But to fall and adore
I live to know You more
Lord, I will ever…

Trust You, Jesus
Trust You, Jesus
Trust You with my life

Let not the wise trust in their wisdom
Let not the strong boast in their might
Let not the rich glory in riches
I will trust You

Trust You, Jesus
Trust You, Jesus
Trust You with my life


  1. Good to hear from you. We have been praying for you all daily. God is over all. We will get through this. Thanks for the beautiful letter Very well said.

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