And…We’re Back!

After a three-year absence on this blog, we’ve decided to move back!  Below are the links to old blog posts from our ministry website with Ethnos360 (we’ll be keeping that blog current, as well).  We’re looking forward to reconnecting with you here at  While you’re here, check out our new pages: Helicopter and Books.

April 9, 2018: The Day Tarzan Fell
February 23, 2018: Loving in Small Ways
August 8, 2017: A Year in Pictures
July 23, 2017: Brake for Chickens
July 6, 2017: CLA Classroom: Greetings
July 5, 2017: Business First
February 27, 2017: Count Your Many Blessings
November 2, 2017: Toilet Paper and Traffic Patterns
September 8, 2016: New Home, New Eyes
July 26, 2016: Have You Ever Memorized a Tracking Number?
July 7, 2016: New Territory (And Why We’re Not Excited)
June 13, 2016: Blood, Sweat, and Suitcases
March 25, 2016: Geronimo!
December 14, 2015: A Video Is Worth a Million Words
November 6, 2015: You Have a New Follower
October 6, 2015: Arizona: A Pokey Kind of Pretty
July 26, 2015: With Hands So Full, Why Do My Arms Feel Empty?
June 4, 2015: Transitions


    • Thanks, Chris! I just read your “about” page and really love the visual of eliminating the unnecessary in our lives so that Jesus is displayed more clearly. Thanks for the encouragement!

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