Come, Enter His Presence

Special Moment

Forgive me for occasionally letting loose my “mommy blogger” self.   These are the times I’m living, and my boys so often offer me a walking, breathing illustration of my relationship with my Heavenly parent, God.

Little Titus has always had an odd fascination with my white taper candles and brass candlestick holders.  Just yesterday, he came to me, clutching them, and implored to light the candles.  My immediate, thoughtless answer was, “No, Titus, we only light those at special times.”

He accepted my statement and started to turn away, but I was smitten by the cruelty–the wrongness of it.  I had just told my sweet son that there was nothing special about this moment, the two of us together.  That there were more important things to be done than spending time with him.

“Wait, Titus,” I said, after a moment of thought.  “Is this a special time?  Would you like to light those candles with me?”

A grin immediately lit up his face.

“Yeeeaaah!” he shouted.

Together we sat around the coffee table and watched the two flames burn down to nubs.  I hung my to-do list on the wall while we enjoyed each others’ presence.

Later, I thought of how I often rush through my tasks, thinking piteously that each day is as mundane as the one that came before.  Living for some future event that promises a break in the clouds.  Perhaps God is calling to me (and you!) right now, “Come, child.  This is a special moment!  Sit with Me and watch the candles burn. Bask in My presence.  You’re standing on holy ground.”

“Delight yourself in the Lord,
and He will give you the desires of your heart.”
Psalm 37:4


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