Getting to the Heart of It

It is a happy day for our household! 

First, a brief history: Jared has been away the whole past week at a Biblical counseling conference in Lafayette, Indiana.  Meanwhile, Carol (who had grand plans for conquering the world while he was away) has had time for nothing but nursing the fever-colds that we all contracted just before Jared left.  

This is how we deal with sickness at our house:


Jared is coming home later this afternoon, and I can think of no more appropriate way to celebrate Valentine’s Day that by welcoming back this beloved husband/dad.  

You know, Valentine’s Day is about so much more than chocolate and greeting cards.  Sure, they often play a part, but the heart of it is loving and being loved.  So today, we’ve spent every waking moment getting ready to show Daddy we love him.   

This is how we do it:

We clean the house. (There’s no before/after picture of the house, but trust me–it’s clean.)

We wrap a surprise and get creative with construction paper for a homemade card:


We get all cute and nice-smelling:


A little chocolate-banana-cream pie never hurt anybody!


And, of course, what would a home-coming be without a welcome-home banner? 


Happy Valentine’s Day, friends.  Show someone you love them today.  Please excuse us–we’re going to go wait by the door! 


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