Let the Angels Be Glad!

Thursday evening, Jared wearily climbed into an airplane loaded down with five teenagers and their baggage.  He wasn’t looking forward to this flight–it would be almost an hour each way, and he was suffering from a bad cold in the head.  He wasn’t even sure he’d be able to communicate on the radio with such a hoarse voice.  Nonetheless, the kids had to be returned to their homes.

Sitting next to him on this flight was Anthony, a sixteen-year-old boy who had come to Kako for the first time this summer.  Anthony matched Jared’s silence during the first few minutes as the plane climbed in the sky and turned its nose toward the coast.  Finally, Jared’s voice came over the headset:

“Sorry I’m not very good company right now.  I’m not feeling that great tonight.”

“Oh, that’s okay,” Anthony replied softly.

They lapsed into silence for a couple more minutes.  Then Anthony forced out some surprising words:

“I saw angels, man!”

“What?” questioned Jared, a little confused.  “When did you see angels?”

“Just back there, when we were leaving Kako.  They were all around us, smiling at me.”

“What did they look like?” Jared asked, his interest quickening.

“They were all in white, with halos and wings, and they were the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.  They were so happy–they were all rejoicing!”

Jared questioned again: “Did you believe in Christ this week?”

“Yes, I did,” Anthony replied, “and I’ve never felt so free and happy in all my life.  I just feel so light!”

“Anthony, those angels were rejoicing because you accepted Christ,” explained Jared.  “You’re lucky, man–I’ve been a Christian for a long time, and I’ve never seen any angels!”

For the remainder of the flight, Jared poured truth into Anthony and rejoiced with him in his new salvation.  What began as nothing but a mundane flight over western Alaska became a miraculous encounter with the messengers of Heaven as they joyfully welcomed a new soul into the family of God.

   “In the same way, I tell you, there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.”  Luke 15:10


  1. I really have nothing to say except, wow.
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful news. We will continue to pray that the Lord’s holy angels will be rejoicing over more souls that repent and receive Christ’s salvation.

  2. Wow, Carol. I can imagine my hair standing up if I was the one to have heard that from Anthony. I’ve known very few people who have had a glimpse of the unseen when they accepted Christ. Will be praying for Anthony, that the father of lies doesn’t squelch his joy and peace.

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