“But those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up on wings like eagles…”

The past several days have been a whirlwind of uncertainty, of waiting and wondering, and of working hard at the tasks placed before us in each moment.  Our last update was posted the day after we arrived, and we are still in the same location at Kingdom Air Corps. We are learning to take each day (each hour) as it comes, to enjoy it for what it brings, and to be okay when events don’t unfold exactly as we expected.

We initially planned to leave Kingdom Air Corps today and make the 425-mile flight to Kako Retreat Center where we will spend the remainder of the summer.  However, Kako is experiencing some difficulty with water regulations and have had to cancel their Memorial Day weekend family camp.  Thus, Jared is not needed to fly the families in for camp this weekend.  Additionally, Kako’s 206 airplane is currently undergoing some major repairs and may not be ready for days or weeks.  All these changes have moved our planned departure date to Friday, although it could be later still.  As you pray, please keep these two issues in mind.

So, what are we doing in the meantime?  Jared has logged about 15 hours of 206 flight time since we’ve arrived, including some great experience in rough weather earlier last week.  We’re thankful for this valuable experience before heading out to transport children in such rugged terrain.  He’s also been working hard doing some maintenance on this same airplane, as well as doing odd jobs around Kingdom Air Corps.



Checking the fuel:


Building a cabin:


Carol unexpectedly became the camp cook for the past nine days or so.  Along with the late start of Spring has been the late arrival of an official cook.  What began with a spontaneous lunch or two for the camp crew became three solid meals per day, requiring lots and lots of time in the kitchen.  The most difficult aspect of this at first was the uncertainty of the number of people for each meal.  At any given meal there could be from two to twenty people!  This has been a fun, exhausting experience, but we’re grateful for the arrival of an official cook who will take over tomorrow.  And many thanks go to all the great cooks who have unknowingly provided delicious recipes to feed this hungry crew.  (FYI, Grandma Afman’s “Chicken, Pork, or Beef Chow Mein” can now been expanded to include “Moose.”)

Speaking of moose, Titus discovered one a few yards from our back porch last week:


Needless to say, Titus will no longer be playing on the porch without supervision!


Carol’s sister, Lucy Carlson, arrived in Anchorage Saturday evening.  She will spend the summer with us at Kako, helping out in whatever ways she can around the camp.  Already she has been a huge help with Titus and in the kitchen.  It’s good to have more company!


Lucy’s arrival also made it possible for Carol to join Jared for a scenic flight over snow-covered glaciers this past Sunday.  The pictures don’t do it justice, but here are a few:




Today, May 22nd, marks four years of marriage for us.  We have no big plans for celebration, but we are so thankful for each other, for God’s leading in our lives, and for His faithfulness through all our mistakes.  And what a beautiful place to honor the day we committed to each other, looking forward to the time when we could minister together in the capacity of aviation!



  1. so cool to be able to read all about your adventure!!!! We are praying for you daily! And we are glad to hear that the official cook has arrived 🙂 Happy Anniversary, love you all~Ryan and Heather

    • Thanks for your prayers, we love you too and are excited that you are enjoying the blog–your favorite brother in law :-)!

      • What an adventure you are all having! We loved reading every word and seeing the photos. They are AMAZING!! How great that Lucy is there to experience this with you and to lend a hand. (We’re just imagining you, Carol, being handed that kitchen assignment while you were still jet-lagged. You are amazing!!)

        Loved the photos of the gorgeous scenery, wildlife, Lucy & Titus, (be sure to get you in some), and those that gave us a glimpse of what Jared is doing. It sounds like you had a very romantic anniversary. 🙂 Our prayers are with you!! Love, Aunt Jennie & Uncle Graydon

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